Meet the Owners



Matt and his wife Sarah lived in Melbourne for many years, which suited them at the time.  With children arriving on the scene, they were outgrowing their suburban home and began to ponder their future. 

Deciding a change of scenery was in order, they headed North to country Victoria, where Matt had originally grown up. 

Matt, originally a farm lad himself, wished to share in the experiences of farming life with his young family. After some searching, he and his wife found a property in Echuca, which they felt would be ideal for both farming and family life.


Wayne was raised on a wheat and sheep farm in rural South Australia. After studying, then working in finance, Wayne began to realise that his inner aspirations lay elsewhere. 

A shift into the horticulture industry was more than just a career change, but also a move toward pursuing his passion in life. 

Working with fruit and vegetable growers in the McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills region of South Australia gave Wayne an appetite for growing... and strawberries! 

When the idea of a pick your own strawberry farm in Echuca Victoria was hatched between himself and Matt, it was the perfect chance to move from the sidelines onto the playing field! 


Matt and Wayne have been work colleagues and friends in the horticultural industry for many years.

Matt, a 'Soil and Plant Nutrition Specialist' and Wayne, a 'Production and Sales Agronomist'.

In their professional capacity, Matt and Wayne regularly worked with commercial strawberry growers, some of them with a Pick Your Own (PYO) offering to the public.

Whilst on one of many trips to the Adelaide Hills, Wayne raised the topic of how starting a PYO farm would be a great idea.  Matt, on the cusp of moving to a farm in Echuca, told Wayne it was indeed a great idea and better yet, that his property in Echuca would be the perfect spot to start it. 

'What If's' quickly turned into 'Why Not's' as it became clear that a PYO farm would help to further both of their personal and professional aspirations. 

Now, they are finally at the stage of transforming their combined vision of a unique Pick Your Own experience into a tangible reality.

The team at the Strawberry Pick hope to meet you, your friends and family this season (our second) on one of your many visits to The Strawberry Pick ;->