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Seasonal Flowers


PYO Flowers

Flowers have a unique power to evoke uplifting emotions. We couldn't think of a better crop to compliment our strawberries. Can you imagine gifting someone a punnet of strawberries along with a bunch of flowers? We will be experimenting with a few different types of flowers throughout the season to determine what is best suited to our environment.


Our Summer Flower Field is basically finished

We've had a great range of flowers through the summer. As this seasons planting was a trial we no longer have much to offer in the way of flowers. Some Zinnia's, Dahlias & Billy Buttons continue to bloom but the majority of things have past their prime.

We've had a lot of fun growing this season so flowers will be back! There is the possibility of some late season flowers for Mothers Day but we're not sure if our plantings will have enough time in the ground. Only time will tell. Next season we will plan some succession plantings to ensure that we have flowers throughout the season. We're excited to be experimenting with some Ranunculus which will be planted in late Autumn and will bloom in Spring.

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The Flower Field

Mid Dec 2017

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